Clearing the Air on the Newly Postponed BUSU Big Ticket Event

Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

For over two years now, Brock students have missed out on many on-campus activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Badgerfest. This year, students were eagerly looking forward to the reintroduction of Badgerfest’s “big-ticket” concert into the 2022 line up but unfortunately, despite originally making it into the line-up, it has since been postponed.

This unexpected news has raised many questions among incoming and returning Brock students alike. On Aug. 17, BUSU posted the official line-up for this year’s Badgerfest, which included fun activities such as an outdoor movie night, and the long-awaited “BUSU Big-ticket concert” that was scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 10.

However, the Badgerfest line-up has since been altered, with no mention of the big-ticket concert in recent schedules. Moreover, BUSU’s Instagram highlights suggest that the concert will take place later on in the school year, but there hasn’t been a new date announced for the event.

According to Yasmine Hejazi, VPSS of BUSU, the event had to be postponed due to safety concerns, in the sense that the Niagara Regional Police Services, who were supposed to oversee the event, cancelled their commitment due to understaffing issues. The only option that the BUSU executives had left was to look for a different venue with two weeks’ notice, and despite exploring other options, found no viable alternatives.

Hejazi indicated that they are working towards setting a new date for the event as soon as possible. At the time of the interview, Hejazi guaranteed that a team in charge of planning events is diligently working on the rescheduling process for the concert.

Another theme of confusion that some might have encountered was whether or not the postponed event will be free, or if there is going to be a fee to attend. The response that BUSU’s VPSS had on the matter was that there will be a need for students to purchase tickets: they “will be put out at a price point where most people can purchase it,” said Hezaji. It seems that Badgers will need to patiently wait for a new concert date and keep up with BUSU’s social media updates for any updates on the big-ticket event.

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