Toronto Welcomes Twenty-One Pilots

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

Twenty-One Pilots came back to Toronto to celebrate their new album: Scaled and Icy. Which came out on May 21, 2021.

A truly amazing concert, because of its continuation and symbolism from the Twenty-One Pilots universe. This concert also contained many unique interactive moments between the band and the audience.

 This was one of the most interactive concerts between the band and the audience. Having drummer Josh Dunn perform on a platform that was solely being held by fans in the pit was unexpected by concert go-ers. Joseph also went from the main stage to backstage by travelling on a mattress. He later even had the fans in the pit help bring over his forgotten ukulele on the same mattress.

 When talking to fans who were present at the concert, one of them commented how they’ve bought pit tickets in the past, but no performer has ever gone so above and beyond to make the fans in the pit feel involved in the performance. Frontman Tyler Joseph also made sure to include the rest of the stadium in his performance by climbing up the stairs that lead to the “nosebleeds” to perform one song for each side.

 Tyler Joseph got the audience to create a video during the song “Mulberry Street.” He assigned part of “Mulberry Street” to each side of the stadium. He asked for each side to flash their camera lights once they heard their corresponding parts. This resulted in an *hyperlink it and allowed the audience to feel a connection with everyone in the stadium. This was a very unique way for the band to interact with the audience and to get everyone to come together.

 The band released a live, videotaped concert for fans during the pandemic and that concert was later played in theatres. The ICY Tour connected the pandemic concert to a long awaited live concert through a series of videos that played in between songs that included the main characters from the pandemic concert. This connection really made the show special as it made many people remember that there was a time when this concert wouldn’t have been possible.

 One of the highlights for fans was when Joseph went to Stage B and asked for everyone to sit down and enjoy a walk down memory lane. He played one song from each album that has ever been released all the way up to the current album. For fans that have been following this band for a while, this definitely was one of the highlights of the concert.

The band made sure everyone enjoyed themselves, however, by playing both classics and hit singles such as “Stressed Out” and “Heathens.” The concert was a mix of a reunion between two friends and what felt like a family celebration for devoted fans.

 Twenty-One Pilots’ ICY Tour at the Scotiabank Centre is a concert the audience will probably never forget. It was noticeable that Tyler Joseph, Josh Dunn and their incredible team put a lot of heart and hard work into making this show an amazing experience for the fans.

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