A guide to Brock’s most confusing building

A common problem for new students is finding where their classes are on campus. Generally, once you understand which buildings are where this problem goes away, as most of Brock’s buildings are a straightforward series of hallways. There’s one major exception, however: Mackenzie Chown. 

It’s a common rumour among students that Mackenzie Chown (generally referred to as MacChown) was designed by a prison architect, with its interlocking hallways and confusing labeling being reminiscent of the techniques used to prevent escaped prisoners from getting too far. Whether or not that’s the case, it is true that new students and guests can wander in the building, just looking for a restroom, and spending twenty minutes roaming the halls and regretting their life choices up to this point. Luckily, navigation is possible after enough time spent in the building, and here are some tips to speed up this learning process.

The first major step: know which room you’re looking for. Sounds obvious, right? However, the Mackenzie Chown room codes are slightly different from the other buildings at Brock, and it can catch students off guard. A sample room code looks like this: MCC403. 

The MCC does not, as it may first appear, stand for Mackenzie Chown; it stands for Mackenzie Chown Block C. Mackenzie Chown is split up into multiple blocks, labelled A through J (minus I), with its room codes reflecting what block each room is in. If your class is in MCC403 and you mistakenly show up at MCB403, you’ll end up missing your class. 

So pay careful attention to what block you’re looking for. 

The rest of the course code follows the standard Brock rules: the first number represents what floor your room is on, and the second and third numbers are the room on that floor. So for MCC403, you’ll be looking for the third room on the… third floor. 

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