A quick breakdown of your student schedule

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Getting a handle on university life can be challenging at first. Something that can be especially tedious as a newcomer is figuring out what all the bits of information packed onto your Student Schedule (SS) means. 

The following is a general breakdown of the SS to help clear up any confusion and get you ready to both plan and find your courses at the right time and place, as well as understanding the character of your courses.

Let’s start with how to access your SS in the first place. First, you’re going to head to Brock’s website and click on the “menu” tab placed at the top right of the webpage. From there you’ll see a series of tabs listed under “quick links.” Select the one called “” Use your campus ID and password to log in to the student self serve portal and then find “student schedule” listed under the navigation menu on the left side of the page.

Immediately on your SS you’ll see that things are broken down into columns representing days of the week and rows representing the times of any given day. It’s important to remember that the times displayed in the rows are depicted in military time so you’ll have to take away a value of 12 from anything past midday to get that time in PM. If you’ve registered for your courses already you’ll see them slotted in the table so long as you have the correct session and year — the menus of which are found underneath your name at the top of the page — applied for said courses. 

The schedule page already has a legend at the top explaining what the different colours for your course blocks mean, so we’ll skip that. 

More important is what the rows of codes mean within the blocks. The code on top is the format for the delivery of the course; whether that’s a lecture, seminar lab or tutorial will be designated by the abridging of the name of that form of delivery (SEM, LEC, TUT, etc.). Just under the format name will be the course name itself or subject code. Every course offered at Brock and its subject code can be found here

Under that will be the course code which has a lot going on with each symbol. Be it a letter or number, these symbols tell you about the year level, credit value and department code for your course. You can get a grasp on what those mean in specific and a whole bunch of other stuff around courses and registration here

Next under is the locational code for courses that are taking place on campus. The letters in the code are often an abridged version of a specific building name, all of which can be visualized online using Brock’s Interactive Campus Map and cross-referenced with their code using this list. The following numbers of the code signify floor level and room number relative to the given building. 

Finally, the bottom code values that are placed in brackets have to do with the duration and classes offered for your course. The D values are based on the session your courses are offered in, whether that’s the summer, winter or fall sessions is determined by the numbers attached to the D. The S values have to do with different classes offered for the same course. For example two ECON 1P92 classes are offered in D2, one that has two hour-and-a-half lectures each and another one that has one three-hour lecture. The one with two lectures is ‘S01’ while the one with one longer lecture is ‘S02’. 

This just about covers everything related to the schedule in broad outline. If you are still confused about particular things related to timestables and registration you can contact the Office of the Registrar here

Good luck navigating come September for all incoming Badgers! 

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