Brock’s top study spots

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Let’s be honest, studying is not always the most exhilarating experience. And while many Brock students may be dreading the day when they must finally open their first textbook and get to work, there is at least one aspect to studying that can make the activity a little bit more interesting: the where of studying.

One of the nicest parts about Brock’s medium-sized campus is the variety of spaces it holds. From one of the lively and energetic dining halls to the more calm and picturesque outdoor seatings, Brock offers study spaces designed for any students. While you can study just about anywhere you put your mind to when on campus, Brock has its own hidden (and maybe not so hidden) treasures. 

For starters, when looking for a spot to study at a university, it makes sense toconsider exploring the library. Anyone reaching such a conclusion at Brock would find no error, as Brock’s James A. Gibson library offers areas of study on seven different floors. While floors 2, 5, 6, and 7 offer group learning sections at a (somewhat) quiet volume—perfect for study sessions with friends—floor 8 is considered a quiet study area, whereas floors 9 and 10 are silent study spaces, designed for individual learning. This sort ofdesign allows Brock students the opportunity to study in an area and at a volume that is best suited for them, while also giving students the opportunity to explore different methods of studying. While the James A. Gibson library may be a hotspot for student learning (floors 2 and 5 being especially admired), it is understandably popular. 

One additional important aspect to Brock’s library are the nineteen bookable study rooms. These rooms, located throughout the library floors, are perfect for groups that may need their own space to attend online classes or to work on group projects. These rooms are available for booking online and can be done up to 14 days in advance.

While Brock’s sizeable library offers several different options for studying, students can find additional areas to complete their schoolwork throughout the university as well. A new favourite study spot is located at the top of the Rankin Family Pavilion, which can be found at the University’s front entrance. This newly finished section features large windows overlooking Brock’s bus loop, allowing much light into the pristine Pavilion. 

The sit down area located at the General Brock shop also offers a great space for studying. Located in Welch Hall, this spot offers comfortable couches for seating, good music, as well as plenty of meal and snack options at the store. For those interested in studying in a more lively setting, students can explore the seating section at Isaacs, where alongside the many food options, also contains an engaging and comfortable seating area.

Some of the most underrated study locations at Brock consist of the University’s many outdoor areas, two exceptionally scenic sections being the Jubilee Court and the Walker/Scotiabank Courtyard. Being in the heart of Niagara, these study areas feature beautiful greenery and landscaping with several seating options for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. These sections especially come in handy during long days of class, when students may be looking for a bit of fresh air. By visiting one of Brock’s outdoor study spaces, students have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor life while remaining engaged in their coursework. One thing that students should keep in mind, however, is to get it while it’s still hot and enjoy Brock’s charming outdoor study areas before the colder weather hits.

Brock has plenty of options for students who wish to spend their time on campus catching up on school work, and this list only grazes the surface of the multiple study-friendly areas. With Brock’s numerous study options, students are able to discover their go-to study spot, hopefully easing the dread that can come up around university studying.

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