Three exciting context credits to take at Brock

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Every undergraduate degree at Brock University requires three types of context credits in order to be considered complete. One in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Brock offers many unique and exciting context credits to choose from. But sometimes having so many choices can be overwhelming. 

Here are three exciting context credits, one in each required field, that are worth considering 

POLI 1P96, Political Theory Through Film and Literature. 

This is a very unique course that bridges political science to other fields and majors such as english language and literature and film studies. This course focuses on political theory through many different lenses such as political parties, political ideology, political identities, etc. Not only does this course provide you with a solid foundation in the basics of political theory, but it allows you to develop and apply critical thinking skills. This course requires weekly readings and for the majority of the time, there will be weekly readings and screenings. 

It is through the unique media component of the course that students will learn how to apply their own critical thinking skills to the political theories that they learn about. This is a great course, especially because of how influential social media and media as a whole are on the representation of political parties, political ideologies, etc. This course counts as half a credit and fulfills the social science requirement. 

ENGL 1F95, Literature in English: Forms, Themes, and Approaches

This is a great foundation course for anyone interested in studying literature or the arts. A variety of majors could greatly benefit from the information and knowledge this course provides. Some majors this course may appeal to are english majors, dramatic arts majors, film studies majors, and interactive arts acience majors. Everyone from all fields and majors can take away something great and beneficial from this course as well. In this course, you will learn how to defend your point, how to think deeper and more critically about symbolism. You will be introduced to a large variety of different types of authors and kinds of literature as well. 

This is a good course to take if you are interested in building a solid foundation when it comes to critical thinking, essay writing, and learning and studying literature or media. This course would count as a full credit and would go towards the humanities requirement. 

APCO 1P50, Integrity & Literacy in the Information Age

This course provides extremely important information that everyone in today’s day and age should know. This course explores many areas regarding technology. This course will look at types of hackers and viruses to be aware of. Exploring the difference between patent and copyright and when it would be most beneficial to use them. This course also explores an introduction to cybersecurity and provides great tips on how to create a strong and secure password. 

This is a course everyone can greatly benefit from, especially because we live in a time where we heavily rely on technology for day-to-day tasks. If the use of technology is only going to increase in the future, why not take a course that will ensure you a solid foundation in the basics of integrity and literacy in the information age? This course would count as a half credit toward the science requirement of an undergraduate degree.

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