Calling all the bookworms, Brock’s new Book Club is here for you

Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash

The newly-introduced Brock University Book Club, which will unite students who are passionate about reading, has found great success in the realm of student engagement prior to their first meeting.

On Aug. 26, the book club announced on their Instagram account that their first  welcome session for the 2022 school year would take place on Sept. 8. Since then, the student organization has found overwhelming support and engagement, in the sense that all the RSVP spots for their welcome session were full prior to the event.

At the welcome session, the executives of the club were met with a room full of enthusiastic readers, who attentively listened to what they said regarding the workings of the club for the school year, and the behaviour that they expect from members. 

The atmosphere at the meeting was incredibly friendly; everyone who attended looked enthusiastic to begin their participation at the club, and members were quick to engage in conversations about books that they have read in the past.

For those who haven’t had the chance yet to meet the executive team for the Brock Book Club, it consists of president Morgan Hoover, vice-president Abby Organ, club manager Lily Hagan, secretary Jillian Gillespie, and treasurer Mikayla Cote.

The executives announced at the meeting that they are introducing a GoodReads forum, which is an online space for club members to comment and engage in conversations regarding the content explored in each chapter of the chosen book of the month.

Additionally, president Morgan Hoover explained at the welcome session that club members will also have access to discussion questions on the forum in order to prepare students for their monthly meeting where they discuss the book of the month in detail. 

 Anyone who becomes a member will need to ensure that they acquire the novel of the month that the club has voted on. The format of the novel that students opt to buy though, is completely optional. For the month of September, the mystery novel that club members voted on is Where the Crawdads Sing, written by Delia Owens. 

For the following months, the executives of the club said that members will have the chance to access a google form where they will vote on the book of the month, along with a monthly draw to give students the chance to win a physical copy of the book of the month.

If you are looking for a new club to commit your time to, while enjoying the company of peers who love all things literature, don’t hesitate to join the Brock University Book Club on Experience BU, and follow them on Instagram for any updates.

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