Pierce the Veil’s new single, “Pass the Nirvana” combines an angsty 90’s sound with impactful lyrics for today’s youth.

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The post-hardcore musical trio, Pierce the Veil, put out a new song called “Pass The Nirvana,” which simultaneously resembles a 90’s-inspired alternative metal sound, while propelling the sound of the band in a fresh new direction after their long hiatus from the music industry.

Their newest song, “Pass The Nirvana, came out after a six-year long hiatus from releasing music, mainly due to the sexual assault allegations that a former band member faced, shortly after the release of their 2016 album, Misadventures. Since then, the former drummer, Mike Fuentes has stepped down from his position in the band, meaning that “Pass the Nirvana” is the first song that has been released by the band without the contributions of Fuentes.

Their newest single takes a step in a somewhat different direction to their 2016 album. For starters, Misadventures still fit into the genres that Pierce the Veil is known for, metalcore and post-hardcore, but it was a much more tame, pop-influenced record compared to previous albums of theirs, such as Selfish Machines.

On the other hand, “Pass The Nirvana” has a much heavier sound to it than most, if not all, the songs featured in Misadventures. The grunt guitar riffs placed in the intro, as well as in the build-up between the pre-chorus and the chorus are a clear reference to 90’s alternative metal. These guitar riffs and the overall sound achieved in the song are reminiscent of the work of the band Deftones.

Likewise, the catchy guitar riffs featured in “Pass the Nirvana, as well as the distinctive, sharp screams that accompany them, sound derived from Deftones’ song, My Own Summer (Shove it).

Whether or not Pierce the Veil had sticky fingers in the Deftones playbook for catchy nu-metal riffs and vocals, the 90’s alternative metal influence is still present in the track. Ultimately  this seems to be a great way for Pierce the Veil to reinvent their sound, bringing something new to the table for fans that are thrilled to hear their new album, which has been in the works since 2021.

In addition to the new sound that Pierce the Veil explores in “Pass the Nirvana,” the band has also begun experimenting with lyrics that speak to the issues that today’s youth are vulnerable to. In an interview with Rock Sound, the vocalist for Pierce the Veil, Vic Fuentes, explained what the subject matter of their newest track encompasses:

“[‘Pass the Nirvana’] is about the many horrible traumas that the youth of America have endured over the past few years. COVID, no proms, no graduations, an insurrection, school shootings. The list goes on. Their lives have been tossed around like clothes in a dryer, as the tensions within our country have infiltrated our own homes, friends, and families. To me, the song represents a euphoric detachment from all of that anxiety and stress and about finding some form of peace or nirvana.”

Undeniably, combining such touching, important lyricism in the track, with an angsty hardcore sound, is the perfect way for Pierce the Veil to touch the lives of those who need an outlet to express such difficult emotions, while maintaining relevancy in the music scene at the same time.

For anyone interested in hearing their new song live, Pierce the Veil is currently touring North America, and they will be playing with the band, I Prevail, in Toronto, on Oct. 5th. 

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