The Art of  Welcome Week

Photo by Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

Badgerfest is how Brock University welcomes all of its students. There’s a variety of events during Badgerfest, but what’s interesting is how much of an impact art has on these events, past and present. 

Restrictions have lessened, and Badgerfest still uses art to provide students with welcome week opportunities. On Sept. 4 Badgerfest hosted a “Paint Party and DJ night.” The event had a good outcome despite the rain. What made this event so exciting was the advertisement for getting covered in paint. It wasn’t only the paint that brought students out but the live DJ and professional lights. This event showed how art, in all forms whether it’s paint, colours, or live music, not only entertains but also brings people together. 

Although it isn’t hosted by badgerfest, a part of Brock’s Welcome Week was a Métis Dot Art Workshop for residence students. This event provided residence students with an opportunity to meet new people,and the workshop provided an opportunity for anyone to learn a little bit about Métis culture through art as well as learn more about resources available to students like Aboriginal Student Services. 

Badgerfest also used film to bring Badgers together by hosting an outdoor movie night on Sept. 7. Movie nights are a good opportunity for students to meet new people as these events can bring out everyone and anyone from various faculties and clubs . This is especially a good opportunity for any film studies major to meet new people. 

One of the last Badgerfest events for the 2022-2023 school year was “Paint Your Own Way” which was held on Sept. 9. This was a great way for all students, especially artists, to come out, meet new people, and use art as a way to create conversation. Not only could this event be an opportunity to meet new people, but it allows students to maybe discover or rediscover their passion for art. 

The university is also offering recreational dance classes and is offering an opportunity for students to do a two week trial. This is a great way to allow students to try something new and meet new people. Having hobbies can be very beneficial and a great way to maintain your mental health. As it allows you to make time for yourself. 

Art comes in all different forms and many people have a passion for the arts. Art is a great way to discover and is beneficial in multiple ways, whether to provide education about cultures, help with time management and mental health, or simply to make memories. Art is a powerful thing and a great tool to use when developing welcome week events. 

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