Carlisle Square: a new apartment building in the downtown core

Photo by Feranmi Ogundeko on Unsplash

A new residential apartment building is currently in construction in downtown St. Catharines. 

On Carlisle street, just across the street from the St. Catharines Bus Terminal, is a 228-residential unit apartment building currently in development called Carlisle Square. The building will have 18 floors in total. 

The structure of the building is currently taking shape with the land and foundation already completed and the structure of a few floors having been built.    

The move came as a move to meet demand for the growing number of people moving into the area. According to investinSTC, the Niagara region will need over 32,000 new homes to meet demand. Since Downtown St. Catharines is one of 25 urban growth centers in Ontario, the Carlisle Square development is a perfect fit for a more residential vision of downtown St. Catharines. 

Back in 2016, when the proposal of the building took place and city councillors approved it, mayor Walter Sendzik of St. Catharines said that was the first step for a long development process. 

Developer Nick Atalick is behind the project: 

“We build communities by bold leadership and risk takers–you’re a risk taker and an entrepreneur. On behalf of the council, we’re going to be excited to watch this unfold,” Sendzik said, addressing Nick Atalick.

Other amenities of the rental unit building includes two levels of underground parking, the main floor will be used for small businesses, which will include a small grocery store, an internet cafe, and a health and wellness store. The next 17 floors will then be used residentially. 

The cherry on top of this to-be skyscraper building is a top-floor penthouse suite that includes a gym. 

Updates are likely to be posted on investinSTC.

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