Fall Intramural sports are back!

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

Fall intramural sports have started up again for the school year. 

Indoor and outdoor intramural sports take place throughout the year at Brock University. They allow for Brock students to get exercise, meet new people, and play their favourite sports with friends. 

Students are able to either sign up with their team of friends or as an individual free-agent. Each team requires a captain.  

Outdoor intramural sports are already underway with registration having closed on Sept. 14. The outdoor intramurals features: slowpitch, flag football, outdoor soccer, tennis, spikeball, ultimate frisbee and soccer-baseball. Sports such as beach volleyball and lacrosse were newly implemented this year.

The registration for the indoor intramural sports opened on Friday, Sept. 16. and is set to close on Wednesday, Sept. 21. Indoor intramurals have sports including ball hockey, european handball, basketball, singles badminton, 4-on-4 volleyball, Inner tube water polo and “EXTREME Intramurals.”.

The spirit of competition students are to follow is to respect the rules, to respect the officials and their decisions, respect opponents, and to maintain self control at all times. 
Information on registering, sport-specific rules, and other information can be found here.

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