SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE puts old vehicles on display in Ontario

On Sept. 17 and 18, Southern Ontario’s Highway 3 became home to the SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE, an automotive event featuring vehicles produced in 1997 or earlier, late model factory performance vehicles, or simply anything deemed as “cool.”

The vehicles drove from Fort Erie to St. Thomas, allowing drivers and attendees to enjoy the series of unique villages, towns and cities along Highway 3.

The event was organized by a team of people sharing a passion for all things cars and trucks. According to the official webpage, there were so many people involved that they couldn’t all be listed on the website.

SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE boasted a variety of attractions that attendees could visit as they toured through and around 14 cities, including Dunnville, Talbotville, and Wainfleet. Visitors were encouraged to visit businesses and try new things as they experienced the series of villages, towns and cities that SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE put on display.

SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE was selected for the third week in September to give additional traffic to local businesses for an extra weekend of summer sales.

Attendees were also invited to check out Toronto Motorsports Park, where there were vendors. Reservations were required to stay in an overnight camping area, for those who truly wished to make the most of the experience.

The SouthCoast DREAMDRIVE was an excellent showcase of old vehicles for car fanatics young and old. 

For more information on the event, visit the official website here.

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