Love Art and Children? Consider These Careers…

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Many arts students dread the question, “what’s your plan after university?” What if this question didn’t have to be so dreadful. There’s many careers involving art that aren’t really talked about. Here aresome interesting art jobs to consider. 

Art Teacher 

This may be acommon job suggestion for art students, but nonetheless, it is a good career to consider. Art teachers help create safe spaces in schools where students from all walks of life can be themselves. As an art teacher, you’ll be in charge of teaching your art skills to the next generation of artists.

There are a few universities within Canada that offer teachers education programs. Some of these institutes include Brock University, Queen’s University, Western University, University of Toronto and many more. Brock University has one of the best teacher education programs in Ontario. For those interested in becoming art teachers, Brock offers the junior/intermediate stream which certifies teachers to teach from grades four through10. You need one teachable subject for this stream which gives you the option to choose vocals, dramatic arts and/or visual arts, within the art field. Brock also has intermediate/senior streaks which are grades seven through12. This stream offers dramatic arts, visual arts and more for both a first teachable and a second teachable. 

Child Life Specialist 

This is a new and upcoming field in the medical world. Child Life specialists provide education, primarily through play, to educate children and their families about any medical procedures that they are scheduled for. As a Child Life Specialist some of your responsibilities might be to talk to the siblings of hospitalized children about what their sibling is going through. Finding new and creative ways to show hospitalised children what is or will be happening to them is a key part of this job. For example, demonstrating to a child what an X-ray is, and the process of getting one, by showing the child a doll getting an X-ray, has been proven to help children when it’s time for them to get a test/procedure, in this case an X-ray. To learn more check out

McMaster is the first university in Canada to offer a specialized masters degree in child life and paediatric psychological care. There are two streams, stream one is for students in the process of obtaining an undergraduate degree who  want to become a fully licensed Child Life Specialist. The second stream is for health care professionals who want to further their education in the field of child life. 

Brock University offers very good undergraduate programs that will provide you with a strong foundation for McMaster’’s child life program. Some of these undergraduate programs include psychology, child and youth studies, and child health. You might even consider picking up a minor in dramatic arts or visual arts. 

Art teachers and child life specialists play a very important role in our society. If you have a passion for art and want to create change in the lives of children. 

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