All about this year’s Spooky Shapes Game Jam event

Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

The 2022 Spooky Shapes Game Jam is a fun Halloween event for all Brock students. It is the fourth annual Spooky Shapes Game Jam challenge. 

Hosted by the Centre for Digital Humanities, along with the Faculty of Humanities and Brock LINC, the event is a two-day game jam where teams will be given a pair of randomly assigned, Halloween-derived “spooky shapes” that are to be significantly showcased in their digital spooky game. 

Each team’s goal is to generate a thematically spooky game that both engages and entertains their audience. The games are to be developed with the sample model assets provided at the start of the challenge, which are an array of simple primitive shapes from the game engine: Unity. The assets will be provided by a USB key drive, which is a takeaway keepsake for the event. 

Teams will consist of two to three participants with no exceptions. The host organizations are aiming for about 20 to 30 teams in total. Teams are to maintain the policy of working within the set times only, and all development will take place during the allotted times with no inclusion of prior assets. 

The game jam is designed to be friendly to newcomers and more experienced developers. Judging criteria for the event will be based upon how the team adhered to the game’s constraints, if the product is an engaging game experience, if the result is tonal effective at being “spooky,” and if the team’s project meets their stated goals and elevator pitch. 

The Spooky Shapes Game Jam will take place from Friday, Oct. 28, at 5 p.m. to Saturday, Oct. 29 at 6 p.m. in TH 269. Complementary food and drinks will be provided for lunch at the Saturday session. Members of teams are required to RSVP the event through ExperienceBU. The team captain is required to register the members of their team with the Centre for Digital Humanities project coordinator, Jeremy Leipert. 

The project coordinator’s email, where to RSVP the event, and the event’s full rules can be found here

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