Looking to celebrate the fall season? Be sure to visit Howells Pumpkin Farm

Photo by Karalina S on Unsplash

For lovers of fall and all things Halloween, Niagara residents will not have to search far nor wide to find an attraction that will meet their needs.

Howells Pumpkin Farm, a Niagara staple that has been drawing in locals for over four decades, is available for individuals of any age and is an event that the public will not want to miss.

Located on 2878 Holland Rd. in Fonthill, Howells offers numerous attractions for both children and adults alike. The area’s most popular features can be found in Howells’ “Fun Pass,” a perfect option for families interested in visiting the area. 

Attractions included in Howells’ “Fun Pass” consist of two separate train rides, a haystack jumping pillow comparable to a trampoline, a corn maze, a tractor ride, as well as several play areas which are open to all ages. Visitors can also enjoy Howells’ animal farm, where they have the opportunity to interact with and feed various farm animals. Additionally, guests can attend one of Howells’ three unique and entertaining shows. Visitors have the option to visit musical performances from the Farm’s “Skeleton Band,” catch select jokes and songs played at Howells’ “Chicken Shows,” or even attend the “Skeleton Truck” performance, where audiences can witness two skeletons as they attempt to start up an old truck.

In addition to Howells’ “Fun Pass,” the farm offers various supplementary activities. Guests have the opportunity to visit and play some of the area’s select games, such as “Pumpkin Slingshot” or “Apple Cannon Blaster,” both of which require the purchase of tokens. 

Another exciting option being offered is Howells’ Fire Pit Rentals, where visitors can enjoy private and memorable evenings with friends or family. The two-hour bookings include either regular or premium sessions. While the regular rental includes a base rate of $60 for up to four individuals, the premium option offers a $100 base rate, which includes an individual deck and outdoor shelter, as well as additional seating options. Those who book one of the two events also have access to Howells’ private bar and kitchen menu. Attendees also have the option to include add-ons, such as a hot dogs and s’mores roasting kit for $30, a bottle of wine for $30 or a bucket of beer for $45 dollars.

A more recent addition to Howells which caters specifically to the area’s 19+ guests is Howells’ Beer and Wine Garden. The patio area offers a variety of food and drinks, as well access to numerous craft beer, wine and cider. Despite being catered to an older audience, the feature is available for guests of all ages, and is also a dog-friendly area.

Another aspect of Howells which guests will not want to miss out on is their fresh and fan-favourite food options. Guests can indulge in snacks such as kettle corn, a wide selection of poutine flavours and even Howells’ famous pumpkin donuts, which have been a staple tradition in Fonthill for over 20 years.

With numerous activities to keep visitors entertained, Howells takes pumpkin patches to the next level. To make sure not to miss any of the excitement, guests must purchase tickets in advance online, where prices per person range from $13 to $24, depending on peak and discount days. Guests also have the option of purchasing a 2022 Season’s Pass for only $45.

Howells’ Pumpkin Farm will be open for the public until Oct. 30, so be sure to visit the popular attraction before it’s too late.

For more information on daily ticket prices, as well as hours of operations, make sure to check out Howells’ detailed calendar, available here.

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