Brock students urged to vote in the upcoming BUSU referendum

Photo by: Charlie Martin

From Oct. 25 to Oct. 27, Brock students will have the opportunity to vote in the BUSU referendum.

BUSU is reaching out to students in light of the recent approval of changes to the BUSU bylaws, orchestrated by the BUSU Board of Directors. Before moving forward with these changes, BUSU is asking for Brock students’ approval to ensure students feel comfortable and supported with the new adjustments. 

This approval will be determined through a referendum, a question posed to the undergraduate students on which they can either vote “yes” or “no.” By the end of the voting period, the side with the most votes wins.

The BUSU bylaws are a governing document outlining the structure of Brock’s student union. The document outlines the board structure, BUSU executives, referendums, annual meeting times and more.

There are four changes to the bylaws being proposed in the referendum, with three of the changes being especially prominent.

The first major change being proposed in the referendum relates to board structure. BUSU is planning on increasing the voting members on their Board of Directors from seven to 13. The only members of the board which would not be elected by students under this amendment are the president, who will switch to a non-voting seat and the general manager, who will also remain in a non-voting seat. This proposition is to ensure larger student representation across BUSU’s board.

The second major change is the adoption of a student-led appointment process to select the president and three vice presidents. This will ensure a more fair voting process that will allow those elected to be appointed based on skill set.

The third major change proposed is the rebranding of the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC) to the Brock University Students’ Union Advisory Council (BUSU-AC). In doing so, the council will be open to all students interested in joining, as opposed to its current availability only to those who have gone through an election.

The final and less significant change in the referendum is the portfolio of the vice president of finance and administration to become the vice president of university affairs. The position would act as a driving force for student advocacy at Brock Senate.

In light of these proposed changes, BUSU is urging students to use their voice and vote accordingly in the referendum.

“Badgers, we need YOU to have your say on important issues that affect the undergraduates of Brock!” wrote the student union on their official Instagram.

By voting in BUSU elections, students have the opportunity to have their voice heard and have a say in the significant changes that determine how the student union operates.

All undergraduate students will have the opportunity to vote by receiving a ballot via their Brock email on Oct. 25. Ballots will close at 9:00 p.m. on Oct. 27. Students are asked to ensure that they check their junk folders in case they are unable to find their ballot, and may contact if they are still unable to locate their ballot.

Brief results of the election will be posted on social media shortly after ballots close, with the full election results being available on the BUSU website the following day.

Although BUSU is urging their students to vote “yes” in the upcoming referendum, it is important to note that Brock students always have a choice in any election or referendum and that students must ensure that they are making the vote that they truly want to cast.

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