Raptors Win First Regular Season Game in Close Ending

Photo by: Ryan

The Toronto Raptors have strongly started off their season.

On Oct. 19, the Toronto Raptors faced the Cleveland Cavaliers at Scotiabank Arena for both teams’ NBA season opener. The game started off with great energy as both teams were competitive, resulting in multiple tied scores and lead changes early in the game. 

Pascal Siakam (#43), the Raptors’ starting power forward, secured the first points of the game for his team, a two-pointer in the paint after he secured an offensive rebound. Evan Mobley (#4), who is the Cavalier’s starting power forward, secured an open three pointer for his team the next possession. 

The first quarter ended with the Raptors staying ahead with 20 points while the Cavaliers had 22 of their own. However, the second quarter of the game told a different story.

Smart ball movement, coupled with great three=point looks and drawing fouls helped the   Cavaliers get back in the game and outscore the Raptors thirty-five points to their twenty-three by the end of the second quarter. At halftime, the Cavaliers were leading the Raptors by six points. They had 57 points and the Raptors had 51.

Both teams showed great rhythm in the third quarter. Great off ball movement resulted in lots of open looks and the Cavaliers outscored the Raptors by only two points. The Cavaliers scored 27 points and the Raptors had 25. The Cavaliers stayed winning at the end of the third quarter. They had 84 points in total and the Raptors had 76. 

The fourth quarter was nothing but good news to all Raptors fans. The Raptors found their rhythm with three-pointers, making five out of eight attempts. This effective three-point shooting allowed them to come back and outscore the Cavaliers 32 points to their 21. 

With three point four seconds left in the game, the Raptors had the lead by one point with 106 points to the Cavaliers’ 105. There was a chance for both teams to win, but fortunately for the Raptors, they had possession of the ball. 

An overhead pass from point guard Fred Vanvleet (#23) to forward Scottie Barnes (#4), who passed the ball to forward Precious Achiuwa (#5), who dunked the ball after being wide open sealed the game for the Raptors. 

With just point seven seconds left on the clock, Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell attempted an almost full court shot, but was unsuccessful. The Raptors won the game one-hundred and eight to the Cavaliers one-hundred and five. 

Power forward Pascal Siakam had the most points of the game; twenty-three. This game gave the Raptors’ official record of one win, and 0 losses on the season while the Cavaliers fell to 0 wins and one loss. 

Although it was a tight game that could’ve gone either way, winning the season opener gives the Toronto Raptors great momentum for fans and players as they head into the season. 

The NBA’s highlight reel of the game can be watched here.

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