Brock Creative Writing club hosts Poetic Writing Café

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

From 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 17, the Brock Creative Writing Club will be hosting a Poetic Writing Café event. 

The café will take place in room STH215, where the club will be providing coffee, tea and soda. This event will allow Badgers to see what their peers have been writing and possibly present something of their own with the group.

This is the second event the club has run this year under the new co-presidents: second-year English concurrent education major Gabriel Piessens and second-year creative writing major Cameron Sauder. In a co-authored statement, they discussed the similarities between the two events.

“This event is very similar to our last in the sense that writers will be sharing their work to an audience,” they wrote. “We are taking experience from our last event to flush out some details and add some new elements, such as an itinerary of performers with their name, pronouns, title of work and any content warnings that might arise.” 

These details are collected via a submission form where interested speakers list the details outlined in the co-presidents’ statement. The content warnings in particular are to ensure that no one is caught off-guard by a potentially troubling piece.

“We will not be screening any poems, however, we ask registrants to provide content warnings before the event,” wrote the co-presidents. “These content warnings will be shared with the audience at the beginning of the event, and before each piece that requires it.”

As for the submissions themselves, readers are encouraged to bring their original works in poetry, prose poetry or flash fiction. The co-presidents have noted that they are receiving a healthy variety of the first and third in their submissions.

“From the responses thus far, we are looking at a roughly even mix between poetry and short fiction, with an emphasis on poetry,” they wrote. 

The co-presidents also stated that registrants are invited to bring multiple pieces, as long as they aren’t too lengthy.

“Registrants can bring as many poems and/or short works as they want, as long as their final presentation time is below five minutes, to allow enough space for everyone,” wrote the co-presidents. “We currently have about 10 registrants, though if our last event is any indication, we are planning for between 25-30.” 

Those interested in attending can RSVP for the event on the ExperienceBU page, and, if interested in presenting, can register on the embedded Google Form.

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