How to Get a Sexual Violence Education and Support Certificate at Brock

Photo by: Charlie Martin

Brock’s Human Rights and Equity (HRE) office is hosting a series of sexual violence education workshops.

This semester, all workshops are online and open to all students. Those who attend five workshops will gain the standard certificate on sexual violence education and support, while those who attend 10 will receive an advanced version of the same certificate. Participants are asked to complete a 30-minute module on Sakai to then be able to attend a one-hour Microsoft Teams seminar session to discuss the content of the modules and participate in experiential activities with other attendees.

“The purpose of these workshops is to learn about consent and sexual violence from an intersectional lens. We encourage everyone to attend all the workshops because it is important to understand that gender and sexual violence can look different for various social groups,” said Eve Nyambia, Gender, and Sexual Violence Education Coordinator at HRE. “We want participants to understand that sexual violence can look different for disabled people, racialized people, 2SLGBTQIA+ folks due to systemic oppression.”

The certificate was developed during the summer of 2019 and officially started during the 2020 academic year. The workshops now run during the fall and winter semesters but not during the spring and summer semesters; it’s important to note that workshop progress carries over. This means that those who complete three workshops in the fall and two in the winter would be able to receive a standard certificate.

Those interested in attending are asked to register a week prior to the workshop to be added to the Sakai page and have enough time to complete the module. Workshop topics include restorative justice, trauma and intersectionality, anti-ableism, international perspectives, BIPOC perspectives, and many more.

“We need to take care of each other, and this can look like unlearning old and harmful beliefs surrounding gender and sexual violence. Through our workshops you can learn why it might take survivors a long time to come forward about abuse, or how disabled people face higher rates of violence from their caregivers; or learning how systemic racism is the result of higher cases of sexual violence for racialized communities,” said Nyambia.

Additionally, there is an upcoming series called “16 Days of Activism” starting on Nov. 25 and ending on Dec. 10. More information will be available soon, for now, students are able to access some resources here.

To register for the workshops RSVP at experienceBU. For a full list of the remaining workshops of this semester visit here. For more information about Brock’s HRE visit here.

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