A list of BUSU’s recently ratified and re-ratified clubs

Photo by: Charlie Martin

On Sunday, Nov. 13, BUSU announced a large list of ratified and re-approbated clubs that will be offered to all Brock students.

The announcement consists of clubs pertaining to four separate categories: academic clubs, community development and advocacy clubs, arts and general interest clubs and cultural/faith/religious clubs. The numerous clubs in each category offer interests that will appeal to Brock’s diverse community.

The listed clubs include the Brock Homework Help Club, an all-year club designed to aid unmotivated students by encouraging one another to complete assignments; the Brock One For The World Club, which helps diminish extreme poverty worldwide through teaching day-to-day life skills to those that are in need; as well as the Brock Google Developers Student Club, which educates students on Google developer products and platforms through workshops, events and project building activities. 

Other academic clubs in this list consist of the Brock Archaeological Society, the Brock Chemistry Club, the Brock Tourism and Geography Society and the Brock Pre-Dental Society.

BUSU will also be offering new community development and advocacy clubs such as the Brock Overcoming Generational Inequality Association which works to advocate for disadvantaged individuals who are interested in applying to professional schools, as well as the BrockU Motionball Club, which raises awareness towards Special Olympics Canada through social and sporting events, and Brock’s Canadian Social Prescribing Student Collective.

New arts and general interest clubs will consist of the Le Anton Brock University club, which strives to aid students in reinventing themselves through fashion and self-expression; the Brock Euchre Club, open to new and experienced euchre players; the Brock Horror Club, designed for individuals who share a love for the horror genre; as well as the Brock Creative Writing Club and the Brock Soccer Screening Club.

Lastly, BUSU will be offering three new clubs specializing in culture, faith and religion through the Brock Destiny Group, a Christian club led by the young adult ministry in Royal House, St. Catharines; the Brock Universität Deutsch Klub, where individuals can practice and discuss German language and culture; and the Brock Korean Students’ Association.

BUSU offers a substantial variety of clubs to aid Brock’s students in meeting new people who may share common goals and interests, as well as giving the Brock community the opportunity to acquire new experiences and develop leadership skills through executive roles.

For more information pertaining to BUSU’s ratified and re-ratified clubs, as well as to explore some of BUSU’s senior clubs, be sure to visit the BUSU website.

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