St. Catharines joins list of municipalities leading the charge against climate change

Photo by: Markus Spiske

St. Catharines has joined the list of 122 municipalities across the world in receiving an “A” grade from CDP, a non-profit environment-centred organization.

Only 122 communities received this top-level grade from CDP in 2022. In order to attain an A, a municipality’s government must publicly reveal all of their environmental data, have a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory, publish a climate plan, complete a risk assessment and create a plan detailing how they will deal with climate hazards.

“St. Catharines has actively taken steps to address the concerns of local impacts of climate change,” read a statement on the city’s official website. From the council declaring a Climate Emergency unanimously in 2019, to signing onto the Cities Race to Zero emission-reducing plan in 2021, St. Catharines has certainly proven its dedication to building a better world.

Last year, the city had its Climate Adaptation Plan approved in order to evaluate and understand local risks and vulnerabilities in regards to climate change. The plan has already reaped rewards, seen through the city’s ability to address environmental impacts, such as rising water-levels in lakes and extreme precipitation effects.

“Being included on this list — one of just 122 communities across the entire globe — is prestigious recognition that the City of St. Catharines is taking climate change seriously,” said Mayor Mat Siscoe, as per the statement on the city’s official website. “I’m proud of the leadership role we’ve taken under the leadership of former Mayor Walter Sendzik, not only in reducing emissions, but also in becoming a more resilient community in the face of climate change.”

By taking measures such as adding in 20 charging stations for electric vehicles, increasing bike lane networks and more, the city has aligned itself with other global communities looking to fight climate change.

“From mitigating carbon emissions in line with science, to building resilience against floods, drought and other climate hazards, to centering marginalized and vulnerable communities in their response, A-List local governments are demonstrating best-practice environmental action,” said Katie Walsh, CDP North America’s Head of Cities, States, Regions and Public Authorities. “St. Catharines is in the vanguard of cities and counties leading the way toward a climate-safe future.”

Among the over 1,000 local governments disclosing environmental data to CDP, only 12 per cent of those municipalities received an “A” grade for their efforts.

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