Talent show at Mahtay Café on Wednesday

Photo by: Charlie Martin

From 7:00 to 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday Nov. 23, Brock Musical Theatre (BMT) and Jack.org Brock will be hosting a talent show at Mahtay Café.

Jack.org is a Canadian charity training group that focuses on empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health throughout the country. Due to a spike in demand for Jack.org’s youth mental health programming, the Brock chapter is currently accepting donations for youth mental health initiatives, though there is no fee for attending this event.

Despite the BMT’s more musical leanings, this event will not be limiting performances to just musical talents. Katie Foshay, a fifth-year concurrent education student and the head of social media and marketing for BMT, stated that they are open to accepting many different talents.

“We are expecting a wide variety of performances,” wrote Foshay. “The majority of performances will likely be musical performances from both vocalists and instrumentalists. However, we are welcoming any talent that would love to perform.”

Additionally, the performers will not be limited to only Brock students.

“The performers do not have to be Brock students,” wrote Foshay. “We are expecting that the majority of performers will be Brock students due to our social media outreach. However, the event is open to everybody.”

BMT has hosted events at Mahtay in the past, such as the Improv Variety Show last Wednesday. This event will be similar to the previous ones, though this time they will be providing performers with the chance to win a raffle prize.

“This event will be fairly similar to the events that we have run at Mahtay Café & Lounge in the past,” said Foshay. “However, this time around there will be a raffle draw for all of our performers. And all donations from the event will go towards mental health initiatives to support members of our community.”

While there is no fee for the event, both BMT and Jack.org Brock recommend that those interested in the event RSVP through the event’s ExperienceBU page. Brianna Nelson, a fifth-year concurrent education student and the president of BMT, explained that this is to ensure the event stays at or under capacity.

“The RSVPs are a way for us to plan ahead and determine how many monitors are needed,” wrote Nelson. “If you do not RSVP and show up to the event, we will be able to admit you as long as we are not at capacity. We recommend everyone who wants to attend to RSVP in advance to avoid this scenario.”

While registration for performers is now closed, anyone interested in attending is invited to drop by the café tomorrow night and see what talents St. Catharines has to offer.

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