Pathstone releases short film A Beautiful Life

Photo by: Dan Meyers

In the Project Plaid campaign film, A Beautiful Life, Maddy Jackson tells her story of how she turned the light back on in her life, with the help of Pathstone Mental Health. 

This short film, released on Nov. 24, introduces audiences to Maddy Jackson, the life she was leading, and how the person she was two years ago no longer exists. Maddy shares her story of struggle, how therapy has become part of her journey and her plans for what comes next. 

The film is part of Project Plaid, a mental health campaign launched in 2019 after the loss of Amelia Durocher to suicide. Amelia’s mother Shanta created Project Plaid to prevent the same from happening to other kids and families. It has evolved into a mental health movement, providing connection for those who were struggling. On the 24th of November, the Niagara Region wore plaid to honour Amelia’s life. 

Once a year, those in the Project Plaid movement were encouraged to wear plaid, a style that Amelia had worn frequently. This was to promote sharing and connecting on the subject of mental health, as well as letting people know about Pathstone and the work they do.

Pathstone is a community-based organization with a mission to provide innovative and effective treatment for all children in Niagara struggling with mental health issues. They are the primary accredited provider of mental health services for children in Niagara and a lead agency for the province of Ontario. They have been providing their services for over 50 years.

Kim Rossi, Pathstone’s director of fundraising and communications, states the importance of talking about mental health.

“Simply put, talking about mental health saves lives,” she said. “A Beautiful Life articulates the power of connection through conversation. No one can do life alone.”

Pathstone was able to create A Beautiful Life thanks to support from Visa and a partnership with Meridian. 

The film is free to watch on Pathstone’s website and on their YouTube channel.

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