Everything students need to know about Brock’s upcoming exam period

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As Brock nears the end of its fall semester, students are making preparations to ensure that they are ready for the upcoming examination period. The period, which is a new obstacle for many, can be worrisome at first glance. However, with proper knowledge of the period as well as some helpful tips and tricks, students can excel in their exams, and ultimately look forward to the holiday season ahead.

This semester, the examination period is set to begin on Dec. 8 and will last until Dec. 21. Students can access their exam through their Brock portal, where they can also view any conflicts which may arise in their schedule. Students can also view their examination slots by visiting the schedule on the Brock timetables page.

If a student discovers that they have two or more exams scheduled during the same time frame, they can resolve their conflict by emailing examinations@brocku.ca. Because of the possibility of locating a conflict, students are urged to view their exam schedules in order for the conflict to be reported and remedied as soon as possible.

Due to the exam period’s two-week window, it is likely that the majority of students will find reasonable gaps of time in between each of their exams, spanning from as little as day-long break in between exams to as long as a week or more. This break in between exams allows students an adequate amount of study time to properly prepare for their next upcoming exam.

As the exam period begins two days after the last day of classes and one day after the make-up day for classes missed due to National Truth and Reconciliation Day, students should be sure to refer to their schedule in order to plan their preparation time accordingly. To do so, students should be sure to revise their course’s content, as well as any study guides or information related to their exam given to them by their instructor. 

Students should give themselves enough time to make it to their exam before its scheduled period, arriving at the school at least 10 minutes prior to their exam. As the majority of exams take place in the Ian Beddis Gymnasium and the Bob Davis Gymnasium – two of Brock’s larger gyms with high capacities – students should consider arriving early for their exam to find a spot in line. Due to the possibility of several courses’ exams taking place at the same time and in the same location, line ups before the examination can become quite large.

When arriving at Brock for their scheduled exams, students should also be sure to bring with them the proper materials for their test. Students must be sure to bring their Brock student ID card, which must be placed on their assigned desks to be verified by a proctor.

The only other materials which will be allowed on an examination desk are pencils, pens, erasers, answer books and any other materials approved by the course’s instructor. Clear water bottles with no labels will be the only food or beverage permitted in the examination area. Students must also be sure to wear a mask to their exam.

Students should not bring any prohibited items with them, such as books, bags or backpacks. They will also be asked to place items such as coats, keys or purses under their desk chair. Cell phones and electronic devices are also prohibited and will be asked to be placed under desk chairs as well. 

Students who are found to be in possession of electronic devices during their exam may be subject to an academic integrity infraction.

By following each step closely and studying adequately for their exam, students should find themselves well-prepared for their exams.

For more information on Brock’s exam period, be sure to visit Brock’s official exam page, located on the school’s website.

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