Start the winter season off right by reading up on St. Catharines numerous snow removal services

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This year, St. Catharines is once again running its annual snow removal program for seniors and individuals of any age with disabilities.

With the return of the colder weather, as well as the heavy amount of snow the Niagara Region received last week, St. Catharines is bringing back its program to aid those who may need a helping hand in getting rid of the snow around their houses.

In addition to the city’s snow removal program, St. Catharines is also committed to clearing up any roads, sidewalks and parking lots throughout the season in order to ease the stress of the upcoming winter season.

In order to take part in the city’s program, individuals must make sure that they meet the program’s eligibility. For this, locals will need to provide a statement by a physician or family doctor confirming that the person will require aid in removing the snow. Individuals must confirm that they possess a disability that, according to a physician, does not allow them to remove the snow themselves; does not have anyone in their household that would be able to aid with snow removal; resides in and owns a single family, semi-detached or duplex dwelling in a rural area; and agrees to a waiver of claims made by the Corporation of the City of St. Catharines for any damage that may arise from the services.

Those interested in the annual program and who meet the eligibility are asked to complete the Sidewalk Snow Removal Service Application by Nov. 30. The application can be submitted both by mail or in person to City Hall, located at 50 Church Street.

In addition to the services offered through the program, the city will also be removing snow from sidewalks that are fronting or abutting one’s residence. This service does not include removing snow from snow plow windrows or driveways and walkways.

Alongside the snow removal program, St. Catharines also offers information on its safely followed snow removal process to aid other residents in removing snow properly. The city provides information on service response targets for ice mitigation and plowing on priority roads, main and designated secondary roads, through roads and cul-de-sacs. 

St. Catharines also includes maps for each snow plow route, alerting locals where the plows are headed next. The three snow removal routes consist of priority roads, main roads, and secondary roads

For sections that may be missed or not cleared properly in the winter, individuals are also welcome to fill out a snow removal reporting form in order to alert workers of the designated spot.

By offering such information on the official St. Catharines website, as well as beneficial services for those who are unable to complete certain tasks, the City of St. Catharines and snow removal workers are working to provide a safe and enjoyable winter season for all citizens in the area.

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