Brock Badgers November Performance Report

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

Badgers’ teams continued their seasons through the month of November. Here’s a rundown of the month’s star athletes and how the varsity teams performed.

All-Star Badgers: November Students Athletes of the Week

Athletes for the week of Nov. 7 were Thomas Markewich for men’s rowing and Madalyn Weinhart for women’s basketball.

Markewich was named co-rower of the year in the Canadian University Rowing Championships. He was a gold medal winner in two events: the men’s lightweight double event and men’s lightweight four. Weinhart finished back-to-back games with 34 points, 15 rebounds, six assists, six steals, and two blocks for the Badgers on Nov. 4 to Nov. 5.

The week of Nov. 14 saw Kascius Small-Martin for men’s basketball and Samantha Adams for women’s wrestling as the athletes of the week. 

Small-Martin was noted for putting out a strong performance against Lakehead on Nov. 12, with 21 points, four rebounds, two assists and two steals. Adams got gold in the women’s 67kg events in the TMU open.

For the week of Nov. 21, athletes of the week were Sarah Rohr for women’s volleyball and Tyler Burnie for men’s hockey.  

Rohr was noted for a great performance against the Waterloo Warriors on Nov. 18, with a career-high 60 assists, and 36 assists against the McMaster Marauders on Nov. 20. Burnie made an impact in back-to-back games on Nov. 18 to Nov. 19, totalling two goals and one assist for his team.

Athletes of the week of Nov. 28 were Camille Dethomasis for women’s figure skating and Julien Legault for men’s swimming. 

Dethomasis placed first in the solo dance category and fourth in the open rhythm dance pairs at the Brock invitational. Legault set several school records and got gold medals in the 50m backstroke and 50m medley relay at the Boles Divisional Championships, he also got three silver medals and second in school record time in the 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke, and 50m freestyle relay.

November standings for the Badgers varsity teams

Most Badgers’ varsity teams did satisfactorily in November, the three most impressive performances were by women’s volleyball; going undefeated, Brock men’s basketball with only one loss in all games played, and men’s rowing; securing a silver podium result in the Canadian University Rowing Championship. 


Women’s basketball continued their OUA seasons through November. Men’s basketball finished the month with six wins and one loss on a four-game win streak, while women’s basketball ended November with four wins and three losses in a three-game losing streak.


Badgers’ men’s and women’s curling teams competed in the University of Guelph Bonspiel on Nov. 19. The men crushed the competition, defeating McMaster 8-2, Guelph 6-5, and tying Toronto 6-6. The women won more than they lost, beating Toronto 8-1, and Guelph 5-4, but losing to TMU 1-5. 


Badgers fencing had two tournaments in November; the RMC invitational on Nov. 5 to 6, and the Brock open on Nov. 19 to 20. For the RMC meet, Brock finished third overall in the men’s epee event. The women’s epee team finished eighth overall, while their women’s team finished tenth overall. The Brock open saw one podium result for the Badgers in the men’s epee category. 

Figure Skating

On Nov. 22, badgers’ women’s figure skating competed in the Brock invitational where the team came third place, securing bronze medals.


Badgers men’s hockey won four out of the seven games played in November, while women’s hockey won two games out of the eight they played. 


Badgers men’s lacrosse competed in the Baggataway cup from Nov. 4 to Nov. 6, they defeated Bishop’s University in the quarterfinals, and defeated the University of Guelph in the semifinals, but lost to Trent University in the finals.


On Nov. 5 to Nov. 6, Badgers men’s and women’s rowing teams competed in the Canadian University Rowing Championship, the women’s team came fifth overall with a final point of 58, while the men’s team came second with a final score of 104.


Men’s and women’s squash competed in the Queen’s Invitational on Nov. 5 to Nov. and the Western Invitational on Nov. 19, both Badgers teams went scoreless most games and did not win in any of the games. 


Badgers’ swimming teams competed at the North York Aquatic club on Nov. 4 to Nov. 6. The teams earned seven medals in total. On Nov. 26 to Nov. 27, the swimming teams competed in the Boles Divisional Championships, where the Badgers’ women’s teams came third place with a score of 591, and the men’s team came first place with a score of 1,030.


Badgers men’s volleyball ended the month with two wins and four losses, while women’s volleyball went undefeated with six wins and zero losses. 


Badgers men’s and women’s wrestling teams competed in four tournaments in November; the Simon Fraser University Invitational on Nov. 5, where the team saw three podium results, the TMU Open on Nov. 13, where the women placed third overall and the men’s team had three podium results, the York Open, where the Badgers saw seven podium results in total, and the 2022 Ontario Seniors, where the men’s team finished with three podium results and the women’s team finished with two.

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