Don’t know what to get your partner for Christmas? Check out these ideas

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With the holidays fast approaching, many start to feel the pressure of giving the perfect gift to those closest to them. Those in relationships may particularly struggle to obtain creative, useful and budget-friendly gifts for their partners. 

If you have begun to panic about what to get your partner, look no further for these five gift ideas that they will love and are accessible through small local businesses in the Niagara region.

These suggestions mostly feature small businesses around the Niagara region, making obtaining these gifts easier if you are a local.

  1. Scented Candles

Despite being a common gift, the power behind a good-scented candle should not be underestimated. Not only are scented candles a great way to enjoy pleasant smells in one’s home, but their simplicity also allows for relaxation. If your partner is always looking for a new signature smell for their house or just enhancing their self-care routine, you can’t go wrong with gifting them some good candles.

As for candle recommendations, Olive and Ronnie offer a wide selection of holiday-themed candles, which are perfect for someone who prefers cozy atmospheres and smells.

Alternatively, Meg Clemmensen has unique Taylor Swift and Lorde-inspired candles if your partner is both a candle lover and a music pop lover.

  1. Jewelry

Gifting jewelry to a partner is often well-received, but the key is to get something to their liking. The reason jewelry made it to the list of gift recommendations is that everyone, regardless of their gender identity, can get good use and appreciation out of it. That said, make sure you consider your partner’s style and taste before purchasing — that can make or break your gift’s impact.

A great business to check out for jewelry is Coconut Quartz in Niagara-on-the-Lake since they offer a variety of available jewelry styles and price points. For instance, if you are looking for a dainty, feminine piece of jewelry, you can check out their Stardust Moon Druzy Necklace.

On the other hand, if your partner’s style is more masculine or gender-neutral, options such as the Agate Point Necklace or the Tigers Courage Bracelet are also available.

  1. Art Prints

Gifting art prints is ideal if you have a partner who deeply appreciates art or is simply looking to beautify their spaces. Not only are art prints a budget-friendly way of acquiring art, but they also directly support the livelihood of artists during the holiday season. 

To support a Niagara-based artist, you can find some unique pieces from Myling Pak, such as their “Finding Truth” or “Sleepless” print.

  1. Tote bag

The greatly functional yet effortlessly stylish tote bag trend is one that everyone can benefit from. Of course, when gifting a tote bag, the ideal is to find a sturdy but classy design that can be used for everyday life or university. If your partner has expressed needing a new bag to carry all their work or school essentials, consider giving them a tote bag.

If you are looking for the tote bag of your partner’s dreams, check out One Earth’s selection of Canadian-made corduroy and linen totes, which promise durability and free porch shipping in the Niagara region.

  1. Natural skincare

With the cold weather upon us, it becomes more important than usual to care for one’s skin, not only for the actual skincare benefits but also for the mental self-care element that comes with it. Natural skincare can be a great gift for the one you love, but you can also make it a shared activity to spend time with them, making it an extra special treat.

For natural skincare options, check out The Scented Market’s skincare selection, but pay special attention to their Face Mask Bundle or their Scented Beard Oil kit for those who grow facial hair.

Although everyone has different needs and wants for the holiday season, this guide can provide additional gift ideas for your loved one. Whether you use the recommendations listed in this guide or try something else entirely, consider supporting local businesses this holiday season to spread joy and prosperity in the Niagara region with your purchases.

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