Canada welcomed over 430,000 new residents in 2022, breaking previous immigration record

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

Last year, Canada welcomed a total of 431,645 new permanent residents through immigration, breaking its previous immigration record set in 2021.

In 2021, Canada also saw a new record of permanent residents with 405,000 newcomers, having reached their target goal of 401,000 new permanent residents. Prior to 2021, Canada had not been able to surpass its record from over a century ago, when the country welcomed over 400,000 new permanent residents in 1913.

The country’s sudden jump in immigration numbers is primarily a result of Canada’s immigration plan to grow the country’s economy. Although Canada is deemed to have experienced one of the fastest recoveries following the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is facing critical labour market shortages due to the pandemic, putting the stability of business owners and workers at risk.

 In light of this, Canada’s immigration plan is set to aid businesses in finding workers and attract certain skills required in key sectors. This plan will thus aid in managing any social or economic struggles that the country may face in the future.

Canada’s immigration plan consists of setting targets in the years ahead, such as a target of 465,000 permanent residents in 2023, 485,000 residents in 2024 and 500,000 by 2025. By 2032, immigration is projected to account for 100 per cent of Canada’s population growth, in addition to its current account for nearly 100 per cent of Canada’s labour force growth. In addition to this, immigration is set to represent up to 30 per cent of Canada’s population by 2036.

With a continual rise in immigration numbers for the years to come, Canada’s immigration system is expected to strengthen, with the Government of Canada believing that benefits from the system will ultimately spread across the country, aiding in the cementing of Canada as a foundation for continued economic growth.

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