Niagara Falls’ third year without a large New Year’s Eve concert still brings in tens of thousands of tourists

Photo by: Jingda Chen on Unsplash

On New Year’s Eve, an estimated 30,000 people rang in the new year in Queen Victoria Park. This marks the third consecutive year that Niagara Falls has not held its traditional large outdoor concert due to the impacts of COVID-19.

The effect of this year’s incredible turnout can be seen throughout Niagara Falls’ hotel industry. This year will “go down as one of the best performing New Year’s Eves,” said Doug Birrell, executive director of Niagara Falls Canada Hotel Association, in a comment to Niagara Falls Review.

However, the high turnout in spite of no large-scale concert has raised concerns over whether such an event is worth the financial investment in future years.

The last time that Niagara Falls hosted its traditionally expensive New Year’s Eve concert was in 2019 and saw country-pop artist Bryan Adams performing. While this year’s crowd was big, according to Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati, Adams’ crowd was perhaps double its size.

Diodati believes demand for a large concert may have increased due to the hiatus that the event has been facing.

The mayor said that a multi-day New Year’s Eve series of concerts is under consideration for future years. If this were to occur, they would take place at the new 5,000-seat entertainment theatre as well as the 1,500-seat Avalon Ballroom. The convention centre, which can hold several thousand people, would be used as well.

The celebration at Queen Victoria Park was not the only reason to visit Niagara Falls during the New Year’s festivities. Attractions were open to the public during the day on New Year’s Eve, including the Winter Festival of Lights and various concerts led by Niagara Falls Tourism across the city. Cheaper dinner and hotel prices contributed to the city’s popularity during the celebrations as well.

According to Niagara Falls Tourism president Janice Thomson, the people who run services such as attractions, restaurants and hotels in Niagara Falls are to thank for this year’s incredible success.

While the celebration at Queen Victoria Park was certainly a highlight for Niagara Falls, citizens and visitors across the entire city were happy to ring in the new year thanks to the service of hardworking members of the landmark’s tourism community.

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