White Noise movie review

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

Overall rating: 4/5 

White Noise is a drama/comedy movie that was released on Dec. 2, 2022. The main characters include Adam Driver, who plays Professor Jack Gladney, Greta Gerwig, who plays Babette Gladney, and Don Cheadle, who plays Professor Murray Siskind. The motion picture is great, but that might depend on how you view the movie.

The film was directed by American film director Noah Baumbach. The screenplay for the film, which was based on American novelist Don Delillo’s 1985 novel,“White Noise” was also provided by Baumbach.

White Noise is a movie that feels different from your average film because it doesn’t fit into one genre. Although it is listed as a drama/comedy, White Noise has aspects from the horror, comedy, dark comedy, adventure and family genres. 

The movie also presented some education on history. Perhaps the most interesting thing about White Noise is that it gets philosophical at some points; it’s a film that makes viewers think. A film having this many different genres associated with it sounds like a recipe for disaster, but White Noise encapsulates this in a sensical manner. 

The directing and filming in White Noise is great. The motion picture has lots of locations and settings, and the crew did a very exemplary job of capturing the gravity or softness of each scene. Not many movies lack in the soundtrack department; and neither does White Noise. Most scenes in the film didn’t require any background track, therefore, less is more, and the crew understood that. 

The costumes and make-up are accurate for the time period the movie is set in  the mid ‘80s. Not only are the characters’ general clothing and hair accurate, but there is also great detail in add-on accessories like hats and bags. Many scenes have a Stranger Things feel to them. 

The casting for the film was great. Driver and Cheadle do very well at portraying their characters, and Gerwig has some emotional scenes only a talented actress could pull off. 

The only lingering critique of the film is that the things that made the film enjoyable and different could also make it hard to watch. The emotional roller-coaster of having that many genres in different parts of the movie could do one of two things; it could make you marvel at how unique the movie was, or it could just leave you with a big question mark when the credits start rolling. 

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