Brock Badgers honours student-athletes with Academic Excellence Awards

Photo by: Charlie Martin

On Jan. 11, Brock Badgers recognized student athletes who achieved an academic standing of 80 per cent in or higher in the 2021-22 academic year in their program of study at the university’s Pond Inlet. 

A total of 265 student-athletes were awarded academic excellence awards across six faculties. Out of the 265 total, 188 student-athletes from the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences received awards as well as 59 student-athletes from the Faculty of Education, 35 from the Goodman School of Business, 29 from the Faculty of Social Sciences, 14 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science and 10 from the Faculty of Humanities who also received the awards. 

“Today marked a special day in that we are excited to re-introduce our academic excellence celebration,” said sports and recreation executive director, Melissa Krist. “We are so proud of all our student-athletes that have found success academically while representing their school on the playing field. Given that nearly 40 per cent of all Brock Badger student-athletes were recognized as part of this morning’s celebration, it’s an incredible achievement.”

130 Badger student-athletes who received Academic Excellence Awards were also recipients of the 2021-22 U SPORTS academic all-Canadians; for student-athletes who achieved an academic standing of  80 per cent or higher while playing a U SPORTS sanctioned sport.

Superstar Student Athletes

Along with obtaining an academic excellence award, top performing students with the best GPA on their team were also recognized across the Badgers’ different sports teams. 

For the men’s sports, the athletes with their team’s top GPA for the 2021-22 academic year includes Travis Winteler (kinesiology) for baseball, William Boyer-Richard (business administration) for basketball, Christian Ligtenberg (education, intermediate-senior) for cross country, Victor Pietrangelo (accounting) for curling, Ethan Attridge (sport management) for fencing and Justin Knebel (business) for golf. 

Others include Alex Ridolfi (business) for hockey, Dante Romano (psychology) for lacrosse, Connor Dodds (computing and business) for rowing, Josh Celebre (kinesiology) for rugby, Ethan Miskolczi (kinesiology) for soccer, Nathan Berg (education, junior-intermediate) for squash, Daniel Tsaiger (sport management) for swimming, Pablo Dyak (sport management) for tennis, Dexter Hoch-Bullen (education, intermediate senior) for track and field, Jacob Ferland (kinesiology) for volleyball, Bobby Narwal (kinesiology) for wrestling.

On the women’s side, Badgers with the top GPA’s for their teams for the 2021-22 academic year include Madalyn Weinhart (medical sciences) for basketball, Robyn Adamo (education, intermediate-senior) for cross-country, Grace Cave (kinesiology) for curling, Emily Bonisteel (kinesiology) for fencing, Camille Dethomasis (education, intermediate senior) for figure skating, Melanie Burgess (kinesiology) for golf and Kaitlyn Colonna (kinesiology) for hockey. Others include Alyssa Worth (education, primary-junior) for lacrosse, Alicia Piazza (biological sciences) for rowing, Tess Armstrong(leisure studies) for rugby, Grace Tawil (mathematics & statistics) for soccer, Julie Do (education, junior-intermediate) for squash, Chloe Smith (kinesiology) for swimming, Norma Rodriguez Arroyo (interactive arts & science) for tennis, Michelle Corallo (education, junior-intermediate) for track and field, Grace Pyatt (gerontology) for volleyball and Michaela Rankin (sport management) for wrestling. 

A full list of all student-athletes with academic excellence awards can be found here.

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