Brock Cheer places 3rd at ICU Nations Rankings

Photo by: Brock Cheer

The International Cheer Union’s University World Cup Cheerleading Championships took place on Jan. 13 to Jan. 15 in Orlando, Florida, where Brock Cheerleading travelled to compete against universities from around the world. 

On Jan. 15, they completed their routines, where they came second place in the “All Girl Game Day” division. This placed them third in the Nations Rankings as the top Canadian team, and sixth in the “Premier All Girl Team Cheer” division.  

Sally Bellevue, the team’s captain and a fourth-year concurrent education program major, credits the team’s hard work, coaching staff and supporters to their success. 

“The hardwork and dedication to our sport, our amazing coaches and awesome trainers; Olivia and Jesse, is what led us to our second place victory in the all girl game day division. The Brock Cheer program has overcome a lot of obstacles these past few years and our drive and love for the sport. All our amazing supporters; alumni, friends, family, etc. have allowed us to be able to represent Canada and Brock on the international world stage,” said Bellevue.

 With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting their program, as well as changes with the team’s administration, there was some concerns on how the program would continue to grow and excel, but it the end, they handled those circumstances gracefully, and their proud of their performance at this year’s ICU University World Cup Cheerleading Championships. 

“We are very proud and happy with our silver medal, our standing in team cheer, and the fact that we were even able to get to Florida and compete,” said Bellevue. “I am truly excited to see the heights the program is able to reach. We have earned gold medals in both Game day and Team Cheer divisions before and I have the utmost confidence that all the future Badgers and Brock Cheerleaders will be able to experience this as well”.

Although the team captain recognizes the team’s ability to work together, she notes that the team hasn’t quite reached the level they were pre-COVID.

“Some things we did really well as a team were being adaptable and working hard. We have come a long way since tryouts in September. We also work well as a team and are able to trust the process and most importantly each other,” said Bellevue. “We need to continue to work hard and come together as a team in order to continue our success and the momentum we had pre covid, when we won Gold in Team cheer in 2020 and Gold in Game day in 2019. Our team will work hard to continue to improve on our cleanliness and difficulty.”

Brock Cheerleading has had a long history of achieving top spots in cheerleading competitions. Since 2019, the team has won two University World Cup Championship medals; and three ICU “Gameday” podium results. Apart from competitions, Brock’s Cheerleaders can be seen supporting varsity Badger teams at home games. 

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