Trivia Night in Isaac’s on Feb. 8

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

From 7 to 10 p.m. on Wednesday Feb. 8, there will be a trivia night in Isaac’s hosted by the Brock University Historical Society (BUHS), the Brock University Medieval and Renaissance Society (BUMARS) and the Brock University Archaeological Society (BUAS).

The collaboration between these three clubs will be reflected in the trivia at the event, according to Jesse Masterson, a fourth-year history major and BUHS president.

“The trivia questions will be based on all three club’s time periods,” he said. “For example, BUHS will be creating questions after the Renaissance period until the modern day, BUMARS will be creating questions from around the early Medieval period to the Renaissance, and BUAS will be making questions based on the time period of classical antiquity.”

Both BUHS and BUMARS have hosted similar events in the past, though they have looked different in recent years due to the pandemic.

“Our clubs have hosted events like this before, such as BUHS hosting a trivia night last year in 2022,” said Masterson. “However, it took place online on Microsoft Teams. This is the first event of this scale that we’re putting on post-pandemic. By working together, we hope to reach a wider audience and bring together people with varied historical knowledge.”

Elizabeth Colantoni, fourth-year Italian major and BUMARS president, also mentioned the goal of bringing people together through trivia.

“This event was constructed with a focus on creating an opportunity for students and faculty to work in teams together,” she said. “It was important for BUMARS to host something like this where students, professors and TAs can collaborate outside of the classroom.”

While BUAS existed before the pandemic, it could not keep going during the first two years and disbanded. It has been revived by Matt Martins, third year classics major and BUAS president, and this collaboration has helped the club regain its footing. 

“As this is the new BUAS’ first event, it has provided a good opportunity through the challenge of starting with a slightly larger scale event,” he said. “This experience has raised my confidence that we will be able to handle our first solo events with relative ease.”

Masterson echoed the sentiment, stating that this event is a big step towards returning BUHS to normal.

“For BUHS, it was pretty hard starting off the year, as we only had 6 members, and now we are at 18,” he said. “One of the major opportunities that this event will bring is the potential to showcase that our club can put on large-scale fun events for history students to attend. In addition, an event such as this illustrates how BUHS is striving to get back to pre-pandemic levels, as we now have an executive membership level of 18, which will help the club put on more events for history students in the future.”

Speaking of the future, Ashley Rydzik, fourth-year classics major and BUHS vice-president, mentioned that BUHS has more events coming up this semester.

“BUHS and BUMARS are both co-hosting another book sale event on Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, from 9 AM until 3 PM,” she said. “We are hoping to build on our last book sale on October 27th, 2022, where we sold over 440 books and raised over $700 which we used to provide the pizza and drinks for the Trivia night event. BUHS will be hosting an essay-prep workshop later on in the semester.”

As the clubs work together to reverse the effects the pandemic has had on them, they aim to provide a welcome experience for Brock students with an interest in history. This event will have free food and drink, and while there is no fee to enter, the clubs will be accepting non-perishable donations to be donated to Community Care.

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