Does dressing up matter? Student’s opinions on campus wear

Photo by: Mariya Georgieva

Does dressing up for classes and seminars matter? When it comes to campus wear, should students go for style or comfortability?

Brock students describe their go-to wear for campus, whether it’s important to dress up or not and their thoughts on how dressing on campus should be approached. All students shared similar views:

“I just put on my baggy sweats and a shirt. For shoes, I just toss on some [air]forces or whatever I find. For dressing up, it depends. If you’re going to class, you shouldn’t be wearing gym attire, you should have some etiquette, so yeah, people should wear whatever they want, but there’s gotta be some boundaries and restrictions on what you should wear,” said Danish Syed, a second-year criminology student. 

Some students also felt that some boundaries have a time and place:

“I just throw on my yeezys and my black sweatpants and my black Adidas t-shirt, I usually just go with the color black, and since it’s winter; just a winter jacket. Dressing up depends, if you’re going to a seminar or you have a presentation, it’s important to dress up. It’s up to the person to determine what is appropriate for what situation. Most of the time, students should just worry about being comfortable in their clothing, but there are situations where they should also think about how they are presenting themselves to others,” said Rizwann Ahmed, a third-year communication and media studies major. 

Malaika Hagen, a first-year business administration major, emphasized the same notion on students dressing according to certain situations and personal taste.

“Something casual and comfortable for me, a hoodie definitely, cargos, and maybe some nice converse or some air forces to go with. For me, if I want to dress up once in a while, I will, but there’s not a particular type of way students should dress. If someone wants to dress like they are in a fashion show, it’s fine; no cares actually, it’s what the person wants and what the person is comfortable in. I know some people would like to dress more formally if it suits their lifestyle, like if they have work or like a business meeting, so it’s not limited,” said Hagen.

Other students felt whatever is comfortable is just fine:

“Casual. Sweats, leggings etcetera. Usually for me, it’s airforces, sweats and a sweater. Everyone just wears whatever honestly. We all dress the same type of way,” said Zonia Zubair, a first-year medical science major. 

The general status quo is clear; it’s not so much about dressing to impress, but more so dressing according to situations, events and to one’s general lifestyle. 

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