Tired of lugging your stuff around campus? Learn about BUSU’s lockers for rent

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

Until April 30, Badgers can rent a locker to store supplies during long and busy days on campus.

Through the locker program, BUSU is aiming to aid students by offering a space where they can store their winter clothes, gym gear, school supplies or any items which may need storing when on campus.

Students will have the opportunity to choose between a $40 half-size locker, equipped to store books, a backpack or a gym bag; a $45 full-size locker, intended to store coats, an umbrella, gym equipment and books; or a $50 full-size locker. Lockers purchased are located in Lower Thistle, the Faculty of Education in Welch Hall, floors two and three in Welch Hall and the base floor of Schmon Tower. 

Those who opt for the $40 half-locker will receive a locker located either in Lower Thistle or the Faculty of Education, while those who purchase the $45 full-locker will receive a locker in floors two or three of Welch Hall and those who purchase the $50 full-locker will have a locker located in the Schmon Tower section. 

Students are encouraged to check out each location in order to decide which option is most suitable for them. While those who attend the Zone frequently may benefit from a Welch Hall locker, those who tend to visit the Learning Commons often may prefer a locker in Schmon Tower. 

In order to rent a locker, students must visit the BUSU office anytime between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The BUSU office is located on the third floor of the Student-Alumni Centre. Once there, a student coordinator will be able to assign a locker, as well as print a rental agreement with the given locker’s number and combination. Students must be sure to bring their Student ID and a debit or credit card for payment.

Students who wish to request a specific locker number are free to do so, however specific lockers can only be given as long as the locker has not already been rented by another student.

In addition to the chosen rental fee, dependent on which size and location a student has chosen, a $10 deposit must also be provided. The deposit will be refunded once the lock for the locker has been returned, which must be done before April 30.

Students are free to share their locker with another student, however BUSU has stated that they are not responsible for any stolen materials or damages to the locker. Due to this, sharing locker combinations is discouraged.

In addition to students having access to their locker until April 30, they are also free to leave their belongings in their locker overnight. The rental end date also allows students the opportunity to use the locker throughout the exam period.

BUSU is not responsible for any damage to the locker or materials in the locker. Additionally, locker numbers and combinations will not be divulged by BUSU.

For more information regarding lockers at Brock, students can contact frontdesk@brockbusu.ca or call 905-688-5550 ext. 3568. 

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