All about the BSA’s BInsightful competition

Photo by: Charlie Martin

Hosted by Brock’s Business Students’ Association (BSA), BInsightful is a virtual competition where students work with real-world information to analyze data using Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence tool. Students are expected to gain valuable technical skills. 

Several different statements and data sets across a variety of topics including business, sports and environmental impact will be provided. Each group of contestants will have a specific topic, and will figure out how to present their analysis in the most effective way. 

The contest will consist of eight to ten groups of two people, or some single participants if needed, as well as four judges. Contestants will receive their topics and instructions a week before the due date, and then will be allotted ten minutes each to present in front of the judges while being directed by the event prompter. 

The BSA says that BInsightful is meant to help students gain valuable technical skills by analyzing data and to help with presentation skills by presenting in front of a panel of professional judges. To join the event online, students must download Microsoft Teams, sign in using an outlook or school email, and click on the link provided on the pre-event ExperienceBU page. 

The event timeline is as follows; on Feb. 3, the pre-event “Q&A” and “tips and tricks” will take place. Problem statements and data sets will also be sent to participants. On March 1, the solutions will be due. On March 2, results will be released to confirm attendance for the final presentation day. On March 3rd, there will be a virtual networking conference, and contestants will present on March 4th. 

Times for the events and more information can be found on the BSA’s ExperienceBU events page

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