Is the food on campus good? Students opinions on campus food

Photo by: Brenden Cowan

Food on campus: sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s horrible. Sometimes we opt to eat at home, and on certain long days on campus, we may not have a choice. 

Brock students were asked if they bought food regularly on campus, what they usually eat and if they feel the food could be improved in any way. There were mixed answers and points of views:

Jasleen Pannu, a first-year medical sciences major, mentioned the cost of food on campus and how unhealthy the options are.

“I usually don’t get food on campus because it’s expensive, but I do get coffee all the time. I always opt for pizza and dipping sauce; otherwise, it would be coffee or a snack. I do think Brock has a pretty large variety of food, but I feel like it could be a little bit healthier. Once kids leave their houses, it’s free reign, so it would be best to have healthier alternatives,” said Pannu.

The circumstances are a little bit different for those who live on residence, like first-year concurrent education major, Emma Burton:

“I usually don’t buy food on the main campus much because I live in residence, so it’s a little bit different. I still think there should be more options. For example, someone may not like what is being served on a particular day, sometimes it’s a bit repetitive,” said Burton.

Even though some students haven’t gotten accustomed to buying food on campus at all, they find nothing wrong with the food options on campus.

“I usually don’t get food on campus. I think food on campus is good the way it is honestly. There’s like lots of different places to eat,” said Lucas Hancox, a first-year concurrent education major.

Students’ answers show that one’s approach to food on campus mostly depends on one’s lifestyle. Some may want healthier options, some live in residence and don’t care for it too much, and some others just find no fault in it.  

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