Three Must-Listen to Spotify Playlists for Study Season

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The winter blues can make studying more difficult than normal, even to the point that it feels impossible. 

Those who need motivation to finish readings and assignments this time of year might find solace in a good study playlist to romanticize their effort. Luckily, music enthusiasts have taken to curating intricate study playlists on Spotify, fit for all academic aesthetics. 

Light Academia

As the name suggests, light academia is the brighter version of academic aesthetics, re-calling images of sitting in a sunny meadow reading a good book, wearing light beige attire, and roaming around a modern museum. This aesthetic can be best associated in contemporary media through shows like Bridgerton or Anne With An E. For those hoping to channel the warmth of light academia – or perhaps pretend to be a famous writer working on their latest work – can turn to the playlist light academia // studying + journaling by Spotify user christine lee. 

This playlist features popular instrumental songs such as “Claire de lune” by Claude Debussy and other classic light tracks like “Pas de Deux” by Tschaikovsky from The Nutcracker and the instrumental version of popular songs featured in Bridgerton, including the strings cover of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” by the Dallas String Quartet. 

Dark Academia

On the opposite end of the academic aesthetic is dark academia. The dark academia aesthetic can bring forward thoughts of a rainy, foggy evening, digging through the archives of a dim library, wearing an oversized sweater and trenchcoat, and admiring gothic architecture. This aesthetic can be best associated with contemporary media forms through movies like Dead Poets Society or Enola Holmes and books like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. Those looking to feel like they’re sifting through old books for clues to solving a mystery can listen to dark academia ☕ 📜studying and reading instrumentals by Spotify user poets and coffee. 

This playlist features over 200 songs, just over nine hours of listening time, with a wide range of instrumental tracks in the mix. Examples include “Bella’s Lullaby” from the Twilight soundtrack, “The Piano Duet” from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and “Ghost” by Holly Jones. If you’re left wanting more of the dark academia vibes, listeners can also listen to Twilight INSTRUMENTALS by Spotify user Layla which re-calls the rainy, foggy, energy in the Twilight series. 

Romantic Academia

Somewhere between light and dark academia lies the romantic academia aesthetic. The lesser known of the trio, romantic academia centres around the obvious; love and romance. In particular, this aesthetic is for those who enjoy romance novels and films, and the idea of writing poetry about falling in love, going to high tea, painting with watercolours, and dressing in lace-covered garments. Think of popular media like the new Little Women film, Romeo and Juliet, or the infamous Swan Lake ballet. Anyone hoping to feel like they are writing a love poem to their long-lost lover while studying can listen to romantic academia by Spotify user, DORIAN. 

Unlike the other two aforementioned playlists, this one is not exclusively instrumental music. While this may make it less desirable for studying for those who struggle to focus on their work, the combination of songs that this playlist has curates the perfect romantic academia feeling. On the playlist are many Hozier songs like “Cherry Wine” and “In The Woods Somewhere” as well as those by similarly popular artists like Fiona Apple’s “Paper Bag” and “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine. 

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