Brock From The Dead: the university improv summit revival

Photo by: Brock Improv

From 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday March 18, Brock Improv will be hosting their Improv Summit event at the Marilyn I. Walker Centre.

This event will feature an assortment of improv clubs from a variety of universities, including Western University, Laurentian University and the University of Toronto, with the University of Ottawa potentially coming as well. The clubs will join Brock onstage to share with the community what these clubs have been practicing in the past year. 

According to Scott Yoo, a third-year dramatic arts major and Brock Improv president, the members of each of these clubs will be divided into teams featuring five or six performers to take the stage at a time. He also said they were planning on having between 18 to 25 different performers throughout the course of the event.

He went on to explain that the summit name Brock From The Dead is a play on the fact that the club is reviving this tradition for the first time since the pandemic. 

Brock From The Dead was chosen to make a pun of the term ‘back from the dead,’ since it’s the first improv summit since COVID-19 that we have been able to hold,” said Yoo. “It’s bringing summits back from their dead state.”

Given the lengthy absence since the last improv summit, Yoo stated that just one of the executive members of the club had been able to attend one of the previous summits.

“We have had one person on exec be a part of the previous summits,” he said. “However, it has taken the input and manpower of all executive members to pull off an event like this. Each summit of improv is always gonna be different, no matter if it’s the same school hosting or a different one. That’s just the nature of improv, and we wish to showcase that for previous summit-goers and the audience.”

Tickets for this event will cost $7. Those interested in attending can RSVP via the ExperienceBU page, and will pay at the door by either cash or e-transfer.

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