Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy set to launch new golf league

Photo by: Courtney Cook

The “Target Golf League,” or TGL, was started by professional golfers Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. With an emphasis on entertainment and fan interaction, the league seeks to introduce a fresh, exciting structure to the game of golf.

Twelve two-person teams will compete against one another in a series of events as part of the TGL, which will debut in 2024. The competitions will take place on Mondays, which are typically off-days for the majority of professional golfers. Players will have an opportunity to loosen up and have some fun in a more laid-back setting as a result.

The TGL will follow a different format than customary golf competitions. The format for the TGL will be “target golf,” as opposed to stroke play. Instead of aiming to get the ball into the hole in this format, competitors will aim to strike targets on the course. Depending on how challenging they are, the targets will be placed at varying distances and assigned a range of point values.

To increase fan excitement, the TGL will also include additional components. Players will be able to engage with fans during the event and be allowed to wear shorts, unlike on the PGA Tour. In order to improve the spectator experience, the league is also investigating the usage of on-course microphones and other technology, so that the fans can have a fully immersive experience. 

The TGL will use a draft system to choose teams, which is one of its distinctive features. One seasoned professional golfer and one rising star will make up each squad. This is done to ensure that the young golfer has a mentor to look up to and learn from at the start of their professional career. 

Many golfers and fans have already expressed excitement about the TGL, creating a lot of buzz in the sport. There are, however, some issues with the league as well. Some fear that the sport’s integrity may suffer as a result of the focus on fan interaction and entertainment. Others have voiced worries about the possible effects on current golf tours and competitions such as the PGA Tour and LIV Tour. 

With Woods and McIlroy in charge, the TGL seems to be going forward in spite of these worries. The two golfers are well renowned for their rivalry and determination to push the limits of the game. With the TGL, they intend to develop a fresh and thrilling way for golfers to enjoy the game and also attract new fans. 

For more information on the TGL visit their website here

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