Brock program to help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next level

Photo by: Charlie Martin

Entrepreneurs who are hoping to take their early-stage businesses to the next level might want to check out Brock’s official startup incubator program, the LINCubator.

The hands-on program promises 12 intensive weeks of training in which participants will “review their business, their business growth goals and […] develop an actionable roadmap” by the completion of the program.

Those who participate will receive mentorship from Brock LINC staff, other entrepreneurs in the program and knowledgeable sources from outside the LINCubator.

The program will provide participants access to several incubation services, such as meeting rooms, co-working space and one-on-one mentorship. Participants will also be able to build relationships with funders and organizations devoted to startup support, such as Innovate Niagara.

“There is a lot that happens in those first few years when you’re getting your business off the ground,” said Farzana Crocco, the Brock LINC’s executive director in a statement to The Brock News. “This free, hands-on program is designed to help early-stage businesses focus on planning and growth goals. It’s the shift from working ‘in’ your business to working ‘on’ your business.”

Those who succeed at the application process will be able to participate in the program for free, but there are a few conditions that an applicant must meet before they will be considered for the program. 

Eligibility for the LINCubator requires that an applicant’s business is incorporated, is already in the process of generating revenue and has at least one founder working full-time on the business.

Those in the program must also attend in-person sessions every Tuesday from June 6 to Aug. 22. These weekly meetings will take place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m at the Brock LINC.

Not everyone who meets these conditions will get into the program, however. The LINCubator will have a maximum allotment of participants in order to ensure a personal experience for each entrepreneur, with unique feedback and mentorship depending on a participant’s needs.

Each of the 12 weekly sessions will be devoted to a different topic or aspect of business growth. The official list includes topics such as reviewing marketing strategies, human resource planning and risk management.

Brock LINC will not take equity or share in the intellectual property of businesses that participate in the program, and those who successfully complete the LINCubator will be given a certificate of completion.

The deadline to apply for the program is April 27. Those who wish to apply can do so here, and those with additional questions about the LINCubator are encouraged to reach out to Cassie Conte, Brock LINC’s program manager, at

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