Less lethal Squid Game at Brock this week

Photo by: Charlie Martin

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday, March 24, Brocku K-POP will be hosting a competition modelled after the challenges seen in the show Squid Game.

Located in courts one and two of Ian Beddis Gym, this event is free to enter for any interested Brock student. They will be accepting up to 135 registrants, with cash prizes for first, second and third place.

Kanishka Wijesundara, a sixth-year medical sciences major and Brocku K-POP co-president, noted that this is not the club’s first time hosting an event of this scale, having hosted more casual events with large attendances in the past. 

“We have hosted two boba nights with over 100 attendees,” he said. “One where we gave away free bubble tea in April last year, and one last October where we converted it to a fundraiser boba night with Brock Women In Medicine. During that event, we raised $428 for Gillian’s Place, a women’s shelter in St. Catharines.”

That said, he acknowledged the new challenges that this competition would entail, and mentioned how the team was working hard to prepare for it.

“We have done big events, but I think this event is more challenging than those events due to the tight logistics involved, such as having to pay attention to every single participant in the game,” said Wijesundara. “It’s also more difficult because we want to replicate the original Squid Game as closely as possible. Due to that reason, our event planners Nikita, Mash, Avi, Shinaya and I are working hard, paying very close attention to every single detail and trying to predict and plan for every situation.”

Though this event is a bit different from what the club is used to, Wijesundara mentioned that he feels it will be a great opportunity for Brocku K-POP.

“Even though it is a difficult task, I think it’s a great experience for us to understand and learn the logistics and marketing of a large-scale event,” he said. “It will help us execute bigger events in the next school year and make our club more popular among the students.”

As for the event itself, Wijesundara explained that each player will go through the six games from the show: red light green light, Dalgona, tug of war, marbles, glass bridge and the Squid Game. While some games will be difficult to replicate, such as the glass bridge and the titular Squid Game, they plan to maintain the same fundamental rules — albeit with no death involved.

“The instructions are very similar to the actual game, where players will be eliminated for failing a certain challenge, and the last player standing will win $150, the second player will win $100 and the third player will win $75,” he said. “And no, players are not getting killed after being eliminated. Eliminated players will stick around to see others competing for the prize. I think it will be an amazing experience for everyone.”

Those interested in signing up for this event should visit Brocku K-POP’s Instagram page and fill out the Google Form linked in their bio.

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