What is the Brock Winter Club?

Photo by: Brock Winter Club

The Brock Winter Club is a BUSU-sanctioned club that runs winter-themed events for Brock University students. The organization is aimed to give students things to do in the wintertime, however, fun events take place in all seasons.  

Back in January, third-year computer science student and club president Marium Nur started the club after being inspired by Canada Wonderland’s “Winterfest.”

“Canadian winters are sometimes described as ‘harsh,’ but we want to make the most of the fun side of it,” said Nur. 

The Brock Winter Club hopes to be  a way to make memories with friends. The club is ideal for students who do not have access to a car since the club provides transport for all off-campus events, funded by BUSU. 

Harman Pooni, a second-year business communications major and the club’s social media manager, says the club is a great way to socialize.   

“I love attending the events and meeting the people who are actually excited to go to the events. It’s awesome and it’s a great way to make friends,” said Pooni.

Nur also says the club’s events are a great way to connect with other students. 

“It’s a great space for Brock University students to make friends and socialize. I’ve met so many people after starting the club,” said Nur. 

So far, the club has over 60 official members and 300+ followers on social media. 

Students looking to partake in events are encouraged to take a look at the club’s Instagram page. Students do not have to be official members to attend club events.  

Brock Winter Club’s ExperienceBU page can be found here.

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